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I don’t have bad credit – What are the benefits of working with Sherwood Credit & Leasing?2023-01-31T22:24:26-07:00
By going through Sherwood Credit & Leasing to loan for a vehicle, you can keep your other loans and accounts separate, work with us separately from a bank, customize your bill payments, and work with different approval terms. There is an opportunity for everybody!
How do I qualify for auto finance or lease options through Sherwood Credit and Leasing?2023-01-31T21:57:24-07:00
Sherwood Credit and Leasing will look at many variables to determine if you are qualified for leasing or financing with us for your vehicle. We are a second, in-house option alternative to banks.
What if I have debt, divorce or another impactful life situation?2023-01-31T21:27:38-07:00
Sherwood Credit and Leasing takes all life situations and many factors into consideration. Whether you have debt, have gone through bankruptcy, or a recent divorce, we will do our best to find a solution to get you approved for a vehicle loan.
What is the difference between Financing and Leasing?2023-01-31T21:29:40-07:00
When you finance a vehicle, you are paying instalments to the financial institution who has paid in full for your vehicle. Each payment goes towards the total financed amount owed on the vehicle, until the total amount has been paid. When leasing a vehicle, you are making payment instalments to a financial institution for a contracted time period. At the end of of this term, you can either return the vehicle to end your contract, or pay off the remaining amount owed on the vehicle.
Why would I be denied an auto loan?2023-01-31T22:29:01-07:00
Sherwood Credit and Leasing reviews each customer’s financial situation on an individual case by case basis. Unlike big banks, we take every financial aspect into consideration when working with applications. While we strive to provide funding for as many customers as possible, factors to consider include income, spending habits, and vehicle loan value. We take every financial aspect into consideration when working with applications as every situation is unique.
What are the benefits of working with Sherwood Credit and Leasing rather than a Dealership or other Financial Institution?2023-01-31T22:42:33-07:00
It’s simple. Sherwood Credit and Leasing treats every person’s situation as unique as they are. As the customer, you receive a fair and equitable alternative to vehicle financing with the benefit of safe, reliable transportation. We believe our customers deserve the best personalized experience to fit their needs.
Do I own the vehicle when I lease?2023-01-31T19:10:30-07:00
When you lease a vehicle, you agree to terms and conditions to return the vehicle to the dealership on a set date. You also have the option to purchase the vehicle when your term ends.
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